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The Law Office of David I. Karp offers estate planning, probate, and trust administration legal services to the Tucson, Arizona community.  We take a unique client-centered approach to our planning.
As an estate planning colleague once said, “Estate planning is about people and stuff.  It’s the stuff that drives people to plan, but good planning is about the people you love and the people who rely on you.”  Our practice focuses on protecting your loved ones and making things as easy as possible for them if you become incapacitated or pass away.  This includes helping you pass on your values to your loved ones by incorporating those values into your estate plan.
Most estate planning attorneys have a limited relationship with their clients.  Once the attorney prepares an estate plan for a client, the attorney-client relationship typically ends.  Unfortunately, this transactional arrangement creates a “set it and forget it” rotisserie estate plan.  One unofficial study found that the time between when a person last updated their estate plan and when the person passed away was 18 years!
Our practice takes a different approach by creating ongoing relationships with our clients.  All our clients are automatically enrolled in our Client Care Program, which provides many unique and helpful services, including free word processing changes so that clients can keep their plan updated as their lives and needs change over time.  The Program also includes storing our clients' estate planning documents online and allowing our clients to store other information helpful to their loved ones (e.g., a house deed, beneficiary designation forms, electronic passwords, etc.) through our website in a secure environment.  Our clients know that if something happens to them, their loved ones can find everything they will need in one place.



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