The Dangers of Not Seeking Counsel

Sometimes people want to simplify how to pass their house to their children.  At the same time, many are hesitant to spend money to seek legal advice.  Unfortunately, these two factors can converge to create harmful results—often leading to the proverb “you get what you pay for.” A father wanted to leave his house to… Read More »

What You Don’t Ask Can Cost You

Here’s a true story I heard recently from a Phoenix colleague. A client wanted to invest her IRA in real estate, so she opened a self-directed IRA, which required forming an LLC in the process. (This is becoming more common in today’s investing environment.) The client later decided to remodel the property, and hired a… Read More »

Story on Organ Donation

Many of you know that I’m a big college football fan. I especially enjoy when sports can show the best of humanity. Please enjoy the following video about how the heart of a six-month old baby who died helped save another baby’s life and brought diehard Louisiana State (LSU) and Auburn fans together. (Normally LSU… Read More »

10 Gruesome Estate Planning Mistakes

I will be presenting a shortened version of my Ten Gruesome Estate Planning Mistakes presentation in two weeks at Frey Financial’s September educational event. 

Don’t fall for these scams…

I recently received the following voicemail on my cell phone: “This message is intended to talk to you. My name is Steve Martin and I’m calling regarding an enforcement action executed by the US Treasury intending your immediate attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid an initial hearing before a magistrate… Read More »

Still Alice

While away in Las Vegas this weekend at my son’s dance competition, I read the book Still Alice by Lisa Genova.  This book is a great read for anyone dealing with loved ones with Alzheimer’s or anyone who wants to learn more about it.  Still Alice tells the story of a proud Harvard cognitive psychology… Read More »

Why I Am Proud of My Daughter

This past Thanksgiving on a trip to Palo Alto to visit family, I overheard my daughter Adina speaking about her first semester at the University of Arizona.  Adina shared with a friend that she was taking 18 credits (the maximum allowed per semester), working at the JCC, working at our local synagogue, and volunteering with… Read More »