Reasonable Access to the Firm

As an ongoing trusted advisor, we extend our availability to you and provide you with an open resource to ensure your questions and concerns will be addressed. As part of our Client Care Program, we answer emails and phone calls related to your estate plan free of charge.

Annual Summary and Option for Free One-Hour Meeting with an Attorney

When your program membership is up for renewal each year, we will send you a list of the individuals and entities assigned to important roles in your plan (e.g., trustees, beneficiaries, guardians for minor children, power of attorney agents, etc.). This will help you determine whether your plan needs to be updated. If you wish, you may meet with an attorney in person for one hour at no charge to discuss any estate planning issues.

Free Word-Processing Changes to Your Planning Documents

Your choices for trustees, guardians, beneficiaries, and other key roles may change over time. Clients often decide not to update their estate plan because they fear paying a significant fee to make what they consider a small but important change. Because we want your estate plan to be updated to your current needs, our Client Care Program includes free word-processing changes to your revocable plan documents.

Discount for Additional Future Estate Planning Requirements

While enrolled in our Client Care Program, our clients receive a discount for any additional future estate planning requirements that may arise. (Unfortunately, we cannot extend this discount to any estate planning work our office does in collaboration with another law office.)

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