Student Estate Planning

Your parental rights end when your child turns 18. Do you know what that means?

Do you know that:

  • Hospitals may not always tell you about your adult children’s medical situation without prior authorization!
  • You may not automatically get to make medical decisions for your adult children who can’t make their own!
  • If your adult child is badly injured (e.g., car accident) and does not have capacity, you will not be able to make financial decisions for your child without expensive and cumbersome court approval—unless you have taken steps ahead of time!
  • Schools keep student information private from parents—without prior authorization—even if you pay the tuition!

Imagine the horror of not being able to get medical information on your child (We have adult children and we can imagine).

Take control and get true peace of mind with an affordable, basic estate plan tailored to your adult child:

  • Includes all the documents your child will need at this age (Will, powers of attorney and healthcare directives)
  • Includes a special wallet card that makes it easy for medical providers to connect with you in the event of your child’s medical emergency
  • It’s simple, straightforward and just $995.

Just click on the “Get Started” button below and it will be as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Watch a couple of videos with your child to understand the basics
  2. Fill out a questionnaire online
  3. Come in to sign and execute the documents

Flat Fee - $995