Be Careful of Scams

Many people have recently received phone calls and messages from various scam artists. There’s the call from someone claiming to be an officer from the Internal Revenue Service. “The reason behind this call is to inform you that a lawsuit has been filed under your name and an arrest warrant has been issued.” I got this call on Friday. Please know that the IRS will never call or email you.

And there’s the call from someone claiming to work for Microsoft telling you that your computer is infected or slow, and asking you to allow them access to your computer. Both of these are scams from people looking to take your money or gain access to your computer.

A client recently shared that while out-of-town over the summer, she received a call on her cell phone telling her that she missed a jury summons and an arrest warrant had been issued for her. She was told to go to Green Dot Money Pak and buy $2,000 in vouchers. She would then be told what to do with the vouchers. This seemed suspicious, so fortunately she called the Pima County Sheriff’s Office.

Because she and her husband leave town during the summer, she was especially vulnerable to this scam. Please know that if there is ever a warrant issued for you, a uniformed officer will deliver it in person.

Be suspicious of anyone you don’t know who calls and asks you for money, regardless of the reason. Then call the Pima County Sheriff’s Office immediately.
Also, if you fear a friend or loved one is starting to lose capacity and may be particularly vulnerable to these scams, please contact their loved ones or their attorney (if they have one). Steps can be taken to ensure they will not be able to give funds to scammers.