Secure Digital Storage of Estate Planning and Other Key Documents

When someone becomes incapacitated or dies, family members often have to search to find that person’s estate planning documents, if any exist. To make life easier on your loved ones, we securely store your estate planning documents in digital form so that you and those whom you authorize can access them. In addition, you may store other important documents that may be needed in case of your incapacity or death. Example documents include a house deed, beneficiary designation forms, business documents, etc. This way, when tragedy strikes you, your loved ones will be able to find your estate plan and all other supporting information they may need so that they can easily manage your affairs and follow your wishes.

Ability to Grant Advisors and Family Members Secure Digital Access to Particular Documents

Through our website, you have the ability to grant your advisors and family members electronic access to the some or all of the documents we store electronically for you. You can grant access per document (e.g., you can allow your financial planner to see your trust, a family member trustee to see the trust and durable power of attorney form, and another family member to see your healthcare directives but nothing else).

Ability to Digitally Store Your Passwords in One Convenient Secure Place

Because we now live in the electronic age, one difficulty that occurs upon one’s incapacity or death is the inability to access various accounts (email accounts, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, etc.). To help your loved ones manage when tragedy strikes, we also allow you to store your passwords through our website. Your passwords are 100% private until your death or incapacity, when your loved ones can then use your passwords to help them handle your estate.

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