Emergency Healthcare Directives Card

One cited statistic says that seventy-five percent of healthcare directives (Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Will, and HIPAA Authorization) are never used when needed because those directives are not available in an emergency. People typically store their healthcare directives on a shelf or in a safe-deposit box, but this limits their use in an emergency. To help our clients, we scan their healthcare directives and team with a vendor that stores them online and produces a card clients carry in their wallet. If you are rushed to the emergency room, healthcare providers will find your card and use it to access your healthcare directives online immediately, allowing them to comply with your healthcare wishes. While you remain in our Client Care Program, we will update your healthcare directives as needed and will continue to maintain and provide the emergency healthcare directives card.

Emergency Healthcare Directives Card for Your Immediate Adult Family Members Who Reside in Arizona

Knowing that your adult family members (e.g., parents, siblings, and adult children) have completed their healthcare directives and that emergency medical personnel can easily access those directives gives clients peace of mind in case a family medical emergency occurs. To promote this peace of mind, we will complete healthcare directives and provide the healthcare directives emergency access card for your adult immediate family members upon their consent and approval. Unfortunately, we must limit this service to those family members who live in Arizona (except adult children who attend college out-of-state but still are domiciled in Arizona).

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