Options to Deal with the SECURE Act

25 jun 2020 01:30 PM / Arizona

Most people are unaware of the significant income tax consequences the SECURE Act, passed late in 2019, creates for beneficiaries of large qualified retirement assets (401Ks, IRAs, 403Bs, etc.).

This webinar will discuss ideas clients with qualified assets larger than $350,000 may want to consider to save income taxes for their loved ones. If you have qualified retirement assets over $1 million, this webinar is a must.

This webinar will not be helpful for you if you:

  • have qualified retirement assets that total less than $350,000
  • are our client and do not have a Trust or IRA Protection Trust
  • are under age 45 and hold your qualified retirement assets in a 401K where you work
  • plan to leave your qualified accounts to charity; or
  • have no desire to reduce the income taxes your beneficiaries ultimately pay

Our SECURE Act advisor webinar earlier this month was well-received:

  • "Very helpful, couldn't write notes fast enough."
  • "Thank you for the great webinar. It was extremely informative and well done."

Space is limited to the first 100 registrants. Client Care Program members will get the first opportunity to register.

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