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Often estate planning gets put aside until it's too late. But for your assets to go to your heirs the way you want them to, you have to plan for it. One frequently used option is founding a revocable or "living" trust, which safeguards your assets by keeping them out of probate court. If you're looking for an experienced Dove Mountain, Arizona, area trust attorney, contact the Law Offices of David I. Karp, PLLC.

About the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC

We know how vital expert help can be while negotiating wills, trusts, and other estate planning. That's why we've been committed to helping people in the greater Dove Mountain, Arizona area to navigate estate issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether you want to establish a trust or just inherited control of one, we can help. We don't take a percentage of your total asset value. Instead, we request a small upfront payment then charge hourly like any other lawyer. We always assign tasks to the least costly team member who can handle your case and only move it up the chain if more expertise is needed. That's a prime example of how our lawyers protect your interests.

Attorney David I. Karp combines over a decade of legal experience with the skilled history of other lawyers. Our team also includes a military veteran and a former employee for the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS). With a 9.0 rating on Avvo, David I. Karp has a solid reputation founded on years of meeting and exceeding clients' expectations in the Dove Mountain area. Mr. Karp also maintains memberships in Elder Counsel and WealthCounsel. He strives to stay current with developments in Arizona state law and other legal issues.

The Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC Practice Areas

Let our law office help you consolidate your 401k, IRA, life insurance, and similar benefits into a single, unified plan. We’ve been working with clients in the Dove Mountain area to achieve a unique strategy for estate planning that shields your family while decreasing your chances of needing a court appearance. We can help you design or revise a trust, will, or other estate planning documents while formatting them to reduce your income tax burden both now and in the future. We can also help you plan for Medicaid, and we offer guidance for anyone in the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS).  

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If you live in Dove Mountain, Arizona, or the surrounding area, call the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC, to handle all of your estate planning needs. We'll guide you regarding how to form, modify, or administer wills, trusts, and other property plans swiftly and without breaking your bank account. We'll ensure that your estate plan maintains your wishes, or help you fulfill the last request of your loved one. 

Call us at 520-395-1551 to get started. After you tell us what you need, we can start working on a plan that serves the interests of you and your family.