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Estate planning isn’t something that people like to think about very often. End-of-life preparations can seem morbid, but you shouldn’t let that false perception deter you from this important undertaking. Estate planning is necessary to help you and your family, both now and in the future. It involves more than dealing with inheritance taxes on your property. It also leaves guidance for your heirs, so they can comfortably execute your wishes after your death. If you want to retain qualified estate planning services and you live in the Marana area, the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC is here to serve you. 

About the Law Office David I. Karp, PLLC

David I. Karp founded this firm because he knows that dealing with the complexities of property law requires someone who understands it. The Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC, helps clients create an estate plan to suit them, while minimizing tax penalties in the future. With a decade of property law expertise and the skills of two other lawyers, he has formed a stellar law team. 

Our experienced group of lawyers includes a military veteran as well as a former employee of the Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS). With this well of experience to draw upon, the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC can help you deal with all of your estate planning needs. David I. Karp has an Avvo rating of 9.0, earned over years of helping hundreds of clients in Marana and the surrounding areas plan their estates. Mr. Karp maintains a membership in WealthCounsel and Elder Counsel, reflecting his dedication to these problems. 

The Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC Practice Areas

Having a coherent estate plan gives a gift to your family and loved ones. Eliminate confusion and legal challenges after your death by combining your financial interests (like 401k, life insurance, and IRA) into one map for the future. If you already have will or trust documents, we can help you roll them into your central plan, one that protects you and your family against financial hardship. Let us help you design or improve the ideal estate plan for your family, one that reduces future taxes on your heirs, while also planning for financial surprises and setbacks.

The Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC, deals with far more than bare-bones estate planning. We regularly help clients resolve Medicaid planning issues and support residents as they navigate the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS). We brought a military veteran onto the team so that we can better help veterans plan for their future and get the most from their benefits. 

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If you want your estate plan to safeguard your future, call the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC at 520-395-1551. Our team can help you build a cohesive estate plan that serves your best interests both today and tomorrow.