Oro Valley Area Estate Planning Attorney

We understand that estate planning isn’t pleasant to think about, because most people associate it with end-of-life issues. However, estate planning involves more than merely dealing with taxes on your assets after you are gone. Estate planning focuses on establishing a will and other instructions that your heirs can execute after you pass away. Fortunately, the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC, offers qualified estate planning services to those in the Oro Valley area. 

About the Law Office David I. Karp PLLC

David I. Karp founded his firm because he understands that property law and estate planning complexities require someone with experience. David I. Karp wants to help clients create an estate plan that fits their needs and minimizes future tax penalties. He took his own decade of property law experience and combined it with the expertise of other skilled lawyers to form a team of outstanding attorneys. This stellar group includes a military veteran and a former Arizona Long-Term Care System (ALTCS) employee. With this well-rounded team, the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC, can address any kind of estate planning issue. 

David I. Karp has earned a 9.0 rating on Avvo from his years of helping hundreds of satisfied clients in Oro Valley and the surrounding areas plan their estates. Mr. Karp also maintains memberships in Elder Counsel and WealthCounsel, which speaks to his dedication to these issues. 

The Law Office of David I. Karp PLLC Practice Areas

A unified estate plan can make your last wishes so much easier for everyone involved. The Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC, can build your diverse financial interests (such as your life insurance, 401k, IRA, or other investments) into one unified plan. Even if you already have property forms or preexisting end-of-life documents, we can help you combine them to protect your family against the unexpected. We are here to help you design and improve the perfect estate plan for your family, reducing taxes on your beneficiaries as well as planning for financial setbacks. 

But at the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC, we also do more than estate planning. We frequently provide other advocacy to resolve Medicaid planning issues and offer support for those in the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS). We are grateful that we have the background to help veterans plan their future and help them get the best results.

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Quality estate planning requires the services of a professional. To guarantee that your estate plan fits your needs, retain the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC. We can help you create an estate plan that guards your assets today, tomorrow, and beyond. To begin, call 520-395-1551, so our team can start working on an outline that meets your needs.