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No one looks forward to end-of-life planning, but it's a necessary and loving act if you want your assets to go to your heirs without difficulty. Working with a skilled trust attorney, you can form a revocable or "living" trust with your designated heirs, which can take much of the difficulty out of the process. After signing over your property to the trust, you remain its executor, maintaining control of your assets until the end. After your passing, your assets go to your heirs without dispute. If you need a trust attorney who serves Oro Valley, Arizona, or the surrounding area, contact the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC. Whether you are interested in creating a trust or have recently been charged with managing one, we can assist you with your trust needs.

About the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC

At the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC, we know how difficult it is to deal with wills, trusts, and other estate matters alone. We're here to assist anyone in Oro Valley and surrounding areas through complex planning issues. Whether you'd like to create a trust or just inherited one, we can help. Unlike many other estate firms, we do not bill you based on your property value. We charge a small upfront fee, then bill hourly. We allocate tasks to the least expensive yet still very qualified person on our team to provide you with the highest value. However, when your case requires a more experienced hand, we move tasks higher up the chain and charge more per hour. That's just one example of how the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC, looks out for you.

Mr. David I. Karp has been working as a trust attorney serving Oro Valley, Arizona, for over a decade. He teamed up with other top-tier lawyers to create an outstanding legal team that handles many estate planning and inheritance issues. David I. Karp upholds a personal rating of 9.0 on Avvo, which he earned by exceeding his clients' expectations in the Oro Valley area and beyond. By maintaining memberships in Elder Counsel and Wealth Counsel, David I. Karp stays current on developing Arizona law and other relevant estate planning topics.

The Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC Practice Areas

We use an individualized approach to estate planning. Our team strives to guard you and your family against financial harm while reducing the chances of asset disputes after you pass away.  We will create a plan for consolidating your IRA, 401k, life insurance, and other benefits to protect your future. We'd also be glad to help you create or update a will, trust, or estate plan to suit your needs. We will also design a plan that minimizes income tax penalties while preparing your family for financial hardship. Our attorneys have the specialized knowledge to assist veterans, both currently serving or about to, with long-term planning that accounts for military benefits. We do much more than forming and administering trusts—we also handle Medicaid planning and support those living in the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS).

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If you are looking for an Oro Valley Area Trust Lawyer to help form or manage a trust, contact the Law Office of David I. Karp, PLLC. We can help you with any estate planning needs, whether you'd like to form a trust or need to administer one. Once we analyze your estate planning needs, we will generate a plan that serves you and your family well into the future. Call us at 520-395-1551 to get started.