Update on Corey’s Upcoming Live Performance Shows

Many have asked for information for my son Corey’s future dance and singing performances. He has several upcoming shows open to the general public.

On Friday November 13 at 7 pm and Saturday November 14 at 3 pm, Corey will perform with Kids Unlimited at the Berger Performing Arts Center (at the Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind) located on Speedway just west of I10. Kids Unlimited provides kids a safe stage to perform. The show will focus on the music of Motown. You can buy tickets (including discount tickets for children and seniors) online at the following link: http://localhost:10013karp-law.localkarp-law.localkarp-law.localkarp-law.localwww.kustars.com/buy-tickets.html.

Next month, Corey’s dance studio Tucson Dance Academy will perform its annual Christmas show at Centennial Hall on Sunday December 6 at 4 pm (tickets at: http://localhost:10013karp-law.localkarp-law.localkarp-law.localkarp-law.localcenthall.org/events/spirit-of-christmas/) and at Saddlebrooke Desert View Performing Arts Center on Saturday December 12 at 4 pm and 7:30 pm (tickets at: http://localhost:10013karp-law.localkarp-law.localkarp-law.localkarp-law.localtickets.saddlebrooketwo.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=942). Many Saddlebrooke residents have told me this is one of the best shows they’ve ever seen at the Saddlebrooke theater.

I hope to see you there.